Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hell & Back; Titan. Training, week 1.

So, here we are again- The panic is beginning to set in. 

You’re quite possibly sitting on your comfy couch with a glass of wine just about to watch the next episode of Breaking Bad (or whatever you are watching at the moment) and wondering ‘WHY, oh why did I sign up for this again?’  (I have not just described myself... I SWEAR... *cough cough*)

But alas, we are here.  The time is ticking (7 weeks tomorrow to be exact), and were not getting any fitter or thinner.  So let me put this suggestion out there.  Let tonight be our last lazy, after 8pm snack attack, slow evening.  Tonight, enjoy that glass of vino/beer/*insert naughty beverage of choice* and those nibbles, for tomorrow something miraculous is going to happen.  Tomorrow is the start of a beautiful 7 weeks of glorious sweat, pain, hunger, and pain.  Tomorrow is the start of the end of ‘Hell and Back, Titan’, and together, we CAN do this!  Whether you are a member of a gym or not, time restricted, or simply the world’s laziest sod- we WILL get up and get out and get moving.  For Titan, we have 8 brave warriors joining the Mudslingers team.  Say hello to:  Me (obviously... ) Dave, Kerri, Alan, Kara, John, Emma & Kate.  We are going to whoop some butt in November, oh yes we are... :)

As I mentioned in my previous post, two of our Mudslinging team are marrying each other the week before Titan, so we all have super motivation to train well, train clean and injury free (nothing more flattering than a bride limping down the aisle, methinks...)   
other Mudslinger members, John, Kara, Kate and Emma to be visually introduced shortly... :)

Personally, I can’t risk injury either as they have asked me to be their wedding photographer, so (no pressure folks...) I am training to, not only get in shape without injury, but loose a few (as many as I can!!!) pounds too so I can comfortably run around after the bride, groom & wedding party in heels (might have to rethink that though...)!
This week’s plan, let’s ease into it nice and gently, shall we?
WEEK 1, is as follows:
30 sit ups x 3
1 pull up followed by 5 chin ups
8 push ups x 3
60 second planking
Over the week:
5 km powerwalks x 3 (probably with the double buggy)
Meals: (I generally make more of everything at each meal so I can use it as a lunch or dinner for the next day to save myself time (or freeze where possible- VERY HANDY!) )  Please contact me if you would like any recipes as I have perfected the ‘cook in bulk, freeze portions’ meals. J
Porridge with apple/banana/raisins/strawberries & blueberries
Smoothie & wholegrain toast
Scrambled egg on wholegrain toast.
Chilli tomato veg soup & wholegrain toast.
Veg salad with lime & Coriander dressing.
Beans on wholegrain toast.
Tuna salad.
Scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast.
Ham sandwich (wholegrain bread, skim butter, no mayo)
Grilled salmon with sundried tomato Cous cous.
Homemade pizza (using spelt flour for bases)
Homemade burgers & roasted veg & sweet potato chips.
Homemade spaghetti Bolognese with whole-wheat pasta.
Homemade shepherd's pie.
Im going to do my best to not have snacks in there, but I am only human with two toddlers hanging off my trousers begging for chocolate.  If I falter, I am going to try firstly have a glass of water.  Failing that, I will have afew grapes or almonds.  Failing that... I might just buckle altogether and stuff my face with chocolate and toast- but hopefully not.  LOL.

So there we have it.  Not too offensive for a first week I think... Anyone has any suggestions/additions, I’d be glad to hear!  :)
Good luck, and remember... Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running...


  1. You are the coolest Trainer I know (and I know some sneakers :)

    GOOD LUCK... and just know I can't make too much fun of you, cos I'm training for the Honolulu Marathon - MY LAST ONE... I'm DONE!!!

    (Only I haven't run it yet :)

  2. Happened upon your blog through H & B and absolutely love it!! Its hard to find a fellow ~Cork blogger out there. Inspiration from any quarter is needed by me and you have that in spades.


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