Friday, September 13, 2013

Hell & Back, Titan. *drumroll*

Hell & Back, Titan.  November 3rd 2013.

Hell yeah!  My first two Hell & Backs were all about just crossing that finish line and this time around is no different!  That's the hellish beauty of Hell & back.  Each time they have something new, more challenging, more devilishly tantalising making it so very hard to not want to do the next.   So here I am.  My third time as a Mudslinger ready to give it wellie.  Who's with me?

 *loud 'BooYah's and applauds*

For me, Training for Apollo was all about getting my fitness up and muscles strong.  A huge bonus for me as it turned out, was the discovery of muscles that I never knew I had and the change in body shape that came with it.  Not just 'weightloss', but toning up, flabby bits getting less flabby and the seriously cool, epic, mind blowing moment when I did my first perfect pull up (not chin up, people... *Insert motivational Rocky music here*  A PULL UP! )

Two of our Mudslinging team are getting married the week before, so they will technically be on their honeymoon for Titan.  (What a beautiful way to start a married life together... To go to 'Hell & Back'. LOL.).
So, with that wedding and necessity to go dress shopping in mind, my Hell & Back training journey for Titan is going to include some serious loosing weight & toning up plans.  With just 7 weeks from Sunday to do it (& a hen weekend thrown in) it's going to be tough task... Who's with me? *enter more motivational music, HERE* ;)

As Arnie says- "Ill be back", So COME ON, People!  I'm thinking, 1 stone sounds like a tough, but doable task?  Thats 2lbs a week.  I think that is a healthy doable challenge... (Well, ill aim high & hope for the  best)

My next post will have my Training and meal plans for the week, starting this Sunday.  *bits nails*
Please feel free to join me on my journey, but do so at your own peril.  Listen to your body and only do what you are happy to do.  :)

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