Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hell and Back training, Week 8! The Final week!


SIX days left until D-Day... At this point what more can one do?  I suppose carry on and pretend like Ireland's toughest 12K challenge is not merely days away now. 

This weeks theme tune was brought to you by a razor toothed fishy...A funny story which I will tell you in a sec.  Click below and read on...

My training last week was fairly haphazard.  I got afew decent walks in but no runs (eek...), though I did play Tag Rugby on Thursday night with fellow Mudslingers so that was a bit of running around and ankle confusion/strengthening.  ;) 
One surprising training session was with Hell & Back's videographer, Kevin Fox.  (Oh, didn't I mention?  Hell & Back sent him down to film me training...*cringesville*)

I was expecting to perhaps lightly jog past him once and maybe belt out one or two push ups but Nooooooooooooooooo.  I, quite possibly, did one of the toughest training sessions since day 1. 
It was a situation like this:

Kevin:  "Alright, can you do some push ups there"
Me:  "OK."
*20 push ups later*
Kevin:  "OK, you can stop.  That's great.  Right, can you do that again?"

This kind of repeated itself over afew hours, but in fairness, it was excellent and Kevin even joined in with some push ups and sit ups along the way. 

It was a great distraction to the looming race day and quite an enjoyable day too.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous so hopefully Kinsale will shine in all her glory (cant say the same about me though... LOL).  The funny Jaws theme coincidence... I had planned to use it for this week because that's what is going through my mind every time I think of the hours rushing away to race day, and while filming, Kevin mentioned that the place reminded him of the place that Jaws was filmed.  Perhaps Hell and Back will stick a shark in the Rock & Ice baths of Siberia.  LOL.

I imagine he was foreseeing my final collapse right about...there.  LOL

My training for this week is going to be relaxed enough I recon.  I will do afew million lengths in the pool (not... I'll be lucky if I don't drown on length two to be honest ;) )  And I will get out for afew long walks and maybe (just maybe) one run. 

So, COME ON, PEOPLE!  Final push.  Lets get out there and make the most of these last few days so we can plough our way through whatever Hell & Back throws at us! (or sniper shoots at us... eekkkk)



  1. Good Luck Jenny and all the Mudslingers, you'll be great!!

    1. Thank you, Betty! I appreciate it!

  2. I'm so proud of you! I can't wait to hear how it all goes!

    1. Thanks, Morgan! I'm getting excited now! ;)


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