Monday, June 3, 2013

Hell and Back training, Week 7!

Second last week- EEEEEKKKKK!!!! 

Panic stations, people.  I repeat, panic stations. 

For those of you who are only starting to look at training, panic not.  One way or another, you will make it through the delicious Hell & Back 10Km challenge.  Whether its you running/walking/crawling/being dragged through that finish line, you will do it.  We WILL make it.  But lets make the next 12 days count, shall we?  :)

Here is this weeks motivational song. :) 

Last weeks training had its highs and lows of powerwalks, sunburn, sit ups, push ups and pull ups- so, lets put 110% effort into this week, shall we? 

So, whats in store for this week, you ask?  Well, you know the regular daily sets by now, so lets shake it up a good bit.
Lets get our buttskis' out there and pound those pavements and hills.  Run run run (or walk walk walk, depends on how you're feeling and where you are at with your training).

Work those upper arms and back for strength, (who knows what those devilish creators of Hell & Back have in store for us...) 

Lunge and squat like there is no tomorrow.  Get those big muscles nicely working and toughened up.  Juicy bonus here is the additional calorie burn... work the big ones and (if you eat like me...) those pesky additional calories will look after themselves.  :) 

12 days till D-Day!!!  ARGHHHH!!!

*deep breaths*

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Bring it!  :)

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