Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hell and Back training, Week 6!

My, oh my, how the weeks are just FLYING...

I am beginning to get a little bit apprehensive now.  Here is my musical tone for this week- please click play then read on- I feel it adds to my apprehension... LOL

I have been lacking in hill runs (well, to be honest, I have been lacking in running full stop).  I picked up some nasty chest infection type thing so I have been struggling to get rid of that before going for a run.  The last thing I want to do it make it worse and loose more time.  I have been getting out with the double buggy- though not as often as I like, but I have to say, a 5km power walk (with hills) with that containing my two boys and groceries is a fair strain on the muscles. 

I'm hoping for a run this week, so will keep you posted there. 
How are you all getting on?  Not long left now... tick tock!  And, did you see the new obstacle that Hell & Back posted on facebook?  No?  Go check it out... OUCH!!!  LOL.

This weeks tip:

  • Go running up hills.  And maybe practice ducking while you run.  ;)
Apologies for the quick update this week, things are a bit manic at the moment.  As Arnie says- "I'll be back"

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